Tupolev Tu-110

In June 1955 Tupolev assigned a brigade under Dmitri S Markov to produce a four-engined version of the Tu-104 – the Tupolev Tu-110. Though the RD-3 was a mature engine, it was considered that a four-engined aircraft might have a better chance of selling in world markets, besides having increased all-round performance and improved engine-out qualities.

The design task was considerable, the entire wing centre section being new. The four 6,500kg (14,3301b) Lyul’ka AL-7P engines were installed side-by-side behind the rear spar, though their inlets were staggered, that to each inner engine being further forward than the adjacent outer. The main wing panels, with unchanged an- hedral, were thus attached further from the fuselage, increasing span (initially to 36.98m [121ft 4in], later to 37.5m [123ft]) and wing area, and increasing track from 11.325m to 13.730m and eventually to 15.746m (51ft 7in).

Two Tupolev Tu-110 aircraft were built. The first Tupolev Tu-110 (No. 5600), was based on the Tu-104A. It made its first flight in the hands of D V Zyuzin on 11 March 1957. For some reason it bore a VVS- style red star on the tail, instead of the usual national flag. The second Tupolev Tu-110 was based on the Tu-104B, with stretched forward fuselage and wide-chord flaps. The ASCC assigned the name ‘Cooker’, but no production orders were placed for what was in most respects a superior aircraft. A version was projected with Soloviev D-30 engines of similar power, as used in the twin-engined Tu-134. Data below are for the first aircraft.

Dimensions and data of Tupolev Tu-110:

  • Wingspan 37.5m (123ft 1in)
  • Length 38.3m (125ft 1in)
  • Wing area 182sq m (1,959sq ft)
  • Weight empty 44,250kg (97,553lb)
  • Weight loaded 75,000kg (165,344lb) normal, 79,300kg (174,824lb) maximum
  • Maximum speed 1,000km/h (621mph) at 9,000m
  • Economical cruising speed 890km/h (553mph)
  • Service ceiling 12,000m (39,370ft)
  • Range 3,450km (2,144 miles)
  • Take-off run 1,600m
  • Landing speed 235km/h (146mph)
  • Landing run 1,430m (4,691 ft) (1,000m with para¬≠chutes)
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