Rafale vs SU-35

Dassault Rafale vs Sukhoi SU-35 Comparison

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1. Maneuverability of su 35 is better than rafale’s. An su-30mki can beat rafale any day let alone the su 35 .it has better bvr capability than the rafale. Simply fail to agree with the analysis about maneuverability..

2. Su35 has tvc engine so it’s much better than rafale in a dogfight .

3. Nothing special about Rafale..It is a very costly plane with no phenomenal capabilities.Why buy a plane that is so costly but the performance are the same like other fighter

4. I vote for SU-35 for 3 reasons: cheeper, faster, better destruction payload… the balance is pretty equal and technology is similar…

5. I watched Eurofighter on Airshow which is considered to be better maneuverable plane than Su-35 but even it has been great display by Italian pilots it still couldn’t compare to what Russian pilots are doing with Su-35 fighter. This comparison doesn’t look objective too me. Russian planes are obviously too underestimated, especially in the area where they always excelled – maneuverability.

6. Glad to see Rafale is better, Su-35 have better maneuverability for WW2 standards, it is not important to make “cobra move” or rotate in slow flight, it is important to have ability to rapidly change direction of flight in high speed when BVR missile flight to you, here is Rafale is lot better due the smaller dimensions and simplicity…

7. Without the purchase of these incredible Rafale Jet…Canada will put itself in a position of no return when considering protecting totally our sovereignty (and Freedom)…especially in the Artic. It’s a NO BRAINER for our actual Gover’t to choose the Best Fighter money can buy…Rafale 4 + Gen (50 Single seat…30 double seats for Artic Patrols) and have Canadian Firms assembled them here in Canada…with Dassault software and tech transfer to us in order to built them to our spec…to Canadianize them. The double priced F-35 built ONLY in Texas with very limited contract to be awarded to us in Canada. Election to come will decide who!? 20 latest Rafale 4+ Gen will defeat on average 30 mig 27 or 25 SU-35…that is a Fact!

12. Rafale is the only plane that can sustain 11g force.

13. Think the SU35 is better, to me Russia selling the SU35 is screwing India big time…..at the present time the PAK FA remains a pig in a poke. “A Dead Enemy Is A Peaceful Enemy – Blessed Be The Peacemakers”

14. The rafale isn’t that bad. Both have a ASEA and western countries are generally better on bvr (mig 27 of former Est Germany where compered with F-15 and Mirage 2000 = mig better in maneuverability but less capable in bvr). Plus the MiG-35 in very big compard to the Rafale and a smaller aircraft is always the most agile expect may be for vector. To me there both excellent right after the F-22. The Russians are making the T-50, the French are preparing an active stealth….

15. When looking altogether, the Rafale is slightly better fighter plane than Su-35. Sukhoi is better armed, has better avionics, and technology is at about a similar level, but the advantage of the Rafale is the main weapon for BVR combat – MBDA Meteor, an active radar guided beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) with range in excess of 100 km … Rafale is more economical aircraft, and one hour of flight is less expensive, but Sukhoi Su-35 is a lot cheaper (in the year 2016 the price of a Su-35 is 70 to 75 million, and price of the Rafale is $ 130 million ). Russian jet fighter have better thrust / weight ratio but that is not important adventage for BVR fight …


Rafale vs SU-35 Flight Cost Per Hour



Overall and BVR ratings

BVR Rating 90% 87%
Armament 8.6/10 8.4/10
Technology 8.5/10 8.2/10
Avionics 8.4/10 8.3/10
Maneuverability 9.3/10 9.9/10 (3D Thrust)
Rate of Climb max. 300 m/s – 60k ft/min max. 280 m/s – 55k ft/min
Thrust/Weight 1.13 1.21
Service Ceiling 17 km – 55k ft 18 km – 59k ft
Speed 2.00 Mach 2.25 Mach
Fuel Economy 0.70 km/l – 1.65 NM/gallon 0.20 km/l – 0.46 NM/gallon
Unit Cost 130.000.000 USD 75.000.000 USD
Overall Rating excellent excellent

BVR (Beyond Visual Range) Ratings

BVR AAM missile MBDA Meteor AA-12 Adder (R77 Vympel)
AAM origin NATO Russia
Year in 2013 in 1998
Range (mile) 62 99
Range (km) 100 160
Speed (mph) 2640 2970
Speed (km/h) 4248 4779
Radar Thales RBE2-AA IRBIS-E
Radar overall rating excellent excellent
BVR Technology 85% 87%
BVR Def. Tech. 85% 85%
RCS – Radar Cross Section 0.5-2.0 1.0-3.5

Dogfight (close to medium range) Ratings

Cannon GIAT 30M/719B GSh-30-1
Caliber (mm) 30 mm 30 mm
Rate of Fire (rpm) 2500 rpm 1800 rpm
Muzzle Velocity 1025 m/s 860 m/s
Size Point 10%-30% 20% 10%
Maneuverability 9.3 9,9
Thrust/Weight Ratio 1,13 1,21
AAM (first) MBDA MICA AA-11 Archer
Operational range 0.2 – 50 km 0.3 – 40 km
AAM (second) R.550 MAGIC II AA-8 Aphid
Operational range 0.3 – 15 km 0.1 – 8 km
Dogfight Rating 76% 95%

Size Comparison

Length 15.27 m – 50 ft 1 in 21.9 m (72.9 ft)
Wingspan 10.80 m – 35 ft 4 in 15.3 m (50.2 ft)
Wing area 45.7 m² – 492 ft² 62 m² (667 sq ft)
Height 5.30 m – 17 ft 3 in 5.90 m (19.4 ft)
Weight 10,100 kg – 22,6k lb 18,400 kg (40,570 lb)
Power 2 x 75 kN – 17k lbf 2 x 142 kN – 31,4k lbf


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