Hungarian MiG-21

The Hungarian MiG-21 – Hungary was the first Warsaw Pact country to receive the new MiG-21F-13. The HuAF had an establishment of three fighter regiments (ezred) of which two usually had two squadrons (szazad) and the third three squadrons.

 The first twelve MiG-21F-13 (izdeliye 74) fighters arrived in 1961, followed by 68 more. They were intended to equip the regiments based first at Papa, then Kecskemet and finally Taszar. All three regiments had been formed in November 1958 on the basis of the Kikepzo ezred (Training Centre). HuAF serials were normally red and usually coincided with the last three or four digits of the construction number, with the occasional exception to confuse a potential enemy.

The first delivery of 12 out of the total of 24 of the improved MiG-21PF (izdeliye 76) arrived in 1964 and equipped 47 VE at Papa whose surplus MiG-21 F-13s were transferred to 31 VE at Taszar. In 1965 the final 12 MiG-21PFs were supplied to 31 VE. Any surplus MiG-21 F-13 then went to 59 VE at Kecskemet. Survivors were finally taken out of service on 21st December 1988.

Uniquely among Warsaw Pact countries, Hungary did not receive any MiG-21 PFM or MiG-21 M variants; the next version of the fighter to be ordered was the MiG-21 MF (izdeliye 96). 50 of these were delivered between 1971 and 1974 and, as was customary, the new version served first with the 47 VE at Papa, whose remaining MiG-21 F-13s went to 59 VE at Kecskemet.

Survivors were not finally withdrawn from service until December 2006.

The last and most effective fighter variant was the MiG-21bis, of which 62 were supplied.

For a change, 31 VE at Taszar was given the first delivery in 1975 and these were MiG-21 bis (izdeliye 75A) interceptors with GCI command link. 47 VE received its initial delivery in 1977 when both regiments were given MiG-21 bis (izdeliye 75B) tactical fighters. The surplus MiG-21 PFs and MiG-21 MFs were redeployed to 59 VE. However, poetic justice was done when the latter unit was selected as the HuAF’s first regiment to receive the new-generation MiG-29.

The first MiG-21 U two-seat trainers arrived in Kecskemet for 59 HRE in 1963. In all, 18 MiG-21 U trainers (twelve narrow- tailed izdeliye 66-400s and six broad-tailed izdeliye 66-600s) and 27 MiG-21 UMs (izdeliye 69A) were reportedly delivered to the HuAF. The latter were delivered between 1971 and 1986. The survivors were withdrawn from service in 2001.

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